Flip Books & Digital Publishing

Make your online documents come alive with Flip Book technology.

I also provide Kindle/ePub conversion, document management and graphics design services.

Same-day service is available provided your submission does not require anything other than minor editing or revision.

Similar services that provide Flip Book-type conversions often require you to host on their servers, accept their advertising on your documents or cost more. I offer ad-free documents at all times - branded with your identity.

Flip books offer:NASEW Directory Cover
- Dynamic book scaling
- Responsive design for a perfect viewing experience on your desktop or mobile device
- HTML5 version for search engine indexing, non-flash computers and mobile devices
- RTL books support
- Embedded video or sound

This directory is an example I created for Solar Power International - the largest solar industry trade show in the western hemisphere.

I can create Flip Books from your documents and tranform them to complete multimedia presentations for use on your website. (I can also host them on our servers if you prefer.) Flip Books can also be created as standalone projects suitable for distribution on flash drive or disk.

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